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Officers of the Lodge 2017-2018

W Bro Norman Hollands PPSGW
Worshipful Master

Senior Warden
Junior Warden
Director of Ceremonies
Charity Steward
Senior Deacon
Junior Deacon
Assistant Director of Ceremonies
Assistant Secretary
Inner Guard

Tyler (Guest)
Organist (Guest)
W Bro Stephen Bull
W Bro Philip Casper PPDepGSuptWks
W Bro Alan Cawdell
W Bro Christopher Vickers CBE LGR
W Bro Thomas Day
W Bro Matthew Dennis ProvAGDC
W Bro Stephen Bull
W Bro Neil Symonds PPAGDC
W Bro Michael Dennis PProvSGD
Bro Julian Stammers
Bro Marcus Clark
W Bro Ali Osman PAGDC, PProvDepGDC
Bro Julian Stammers
Bro Jason Davies
Bro Brian Clark
Bro Ergul Ibrahim
Bro Joseph Nesbitt-Larking
John Shepherd LGR
Nicholas Murdoch ProvGOrg
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“Several prominent Freemasons, residing or having interest in the Province of Hertford, considered the time had come when it was desirable that a new Lodge should be formed in the Province, which would be conducted strictly in accordance with the highest traditions of Freemasonry and kept exclusively for men of good position and who take a sincere interest in Freemasonry”

Extract from the Lodge's first minute book in 1915

A History of the East Hertfordshire Lodge

On 19th March 1914 a group of Freemasons met with the aim of founding a new Lodge in Hertfordshire. They resolved to present a petition to the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, requesting that a Warrant of Constitution be granted to enable them to achieve their aim. The Warrant was duly granted and just over a year later, on 19th May 1915, The East Hertfordshire Lodge No. 3748 was born.

The Lodge's Consecration took place, by dispensation, at Floral Frascati Restaurant, on Oxford Street in London. This magnificent venue had its own beautifully-appointed Masonic Temple and provided an elegant backdrop for the creation of the new Lodge. Sadly, the restaurant no longer exists, but you can find out more about it by clicking here.

The ceremony of Consecration was performed by the Deputy Grand Master and Provincial Grand Master, R W Bro The Rt Hon Sir Thomas Frederick Halsey, with assistance from the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Charles Edward Keyser, and many other distinguished Freemasons from the Province of Hertfordshire. A full account of the Consecration was published in The Freemasons' Chronicle on 12th June 1915; a copy of which can be viewed by clicking on the article below.

In the years following its Consecration, the East Hertfordshire Lodge moved from its original home, the Great House in Cheshunt, to Shire Hall in Hertford and then, in 1956, to its present home; Mayflower Place in Hertingfordbury.

In 2015 the Lodge celebrated its 100th birthday in grand style; moving its regular meeting, by dispensation, to the exact date of its Consecration and hosting nearly 100 members and guests for a very special Centenary meeting. Mirroring the events of 1915, the Centenary ceremony was conducted by the Provincial Grand Master of Hertfordshire, R W Bro Paul Gower, who was assisted by his Provincial Officers.

Following the meeting, a sumptuous Festive Board was served; with fine food and drink and fabulous entertainment from the Provincial Singers.

Looking forward to its second century, the East Hertfordshire Lodge finds itself in rude health; with a diverse and happy membership who are committed to continuing the traditions and values that the Lodge's original founders had sought to promote.
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A rare photograph of the temple at the Floral Frascati restaurant on Oxford Street in London

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